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Multidisciplinary Medical Center located in Annapolis, Maryland

Finding a neighborhood medical clinic that provides all types of diagnostic and treatment options under one roof, is possible for patients around the Annapolis area. Bayshore Medical in Annapolis, Maryland welcomes new patients from the surrounding neighborhoods of Annapolis, Cape St. Claire, Arnold, Crownsville, Edgewater, Riva, Harwood, Bowie, Kent Island, and beyond.

As Annapolis' premier, fully integrative medical clinic, the expert medical team at Bayshore Medical can treat every member of the family. The practice specializes in diagnosing and treating chronic and acute pain and is one of the only local medical facilities in the area that provides such innovative therapies.  Our team combines the latest techniques from the medical, physical therapy, and chiropractic fields to ensure you receive the most comprehensive care that is completely tailored to your individual condition. They employ a process known as Responsible Pain Management (RPM), your best option for lasting pain relief, which focuses on non-surgical and non-narcotic solutions.  

After going through treatment at Bayshore Medical, patients find relief from  arthritis, sciatica, back pain, neck pain, knee pain, migraines, fibromyalgia,  widespread joint pain, etc.  Because the highly skilled physicians have extensive training in finding the cause of unknown pain, they are well-known in the Annapolis area for helping numerous pain sufferers.

Patients often find the help they need at the clinic, even if they’ve had unsuccessful treatments in the past. The caring team at Bayshore Medical is dedicated to finding pain relief options and treatment for all of their patients, no matter the diagnosis.

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