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Man receiving medical hair restoration with prp injections at bayshore medical group in annapolis maryland

Medical Hair Restoration

Non-Surgical Hair Regeneration Treatment

Baldness, hair thinning, and hair loss can be upsetting and negatively affect your self-esteem. Hormonal changes, medication side effects, medical conditions, or genetics may all contribute to this. Hair thinning, bald spots, loose hair follicles, and random bald patches are common in both men and women but don't have to be accepted as "normal" aspects of aging.

At Bayshore Medical Group, we provide cutting-edge, scientifically supported, non-surgical hair growth and hair loss prevention solutions. With the goal to help you feel younger and more confident than ever, our team provides non-surgical regenerative therapies to help you replenish and restore your hair.

before and after photos of someone receiving medical hair restoration to demonstrate effectiveness



Natural Hair Regeneration treatments

Many factors influence hair loss and hair thinning such as genetics, stress, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, skin conditions, hair growth disorders, poor diet, hormonal issues, medications, radiation or chemotherapy treatment, styling damage, high blood pressure, heart disease and a poor diet can result in hair loss and thinning. "Hair loss" or "hair thinning" is the result of inadequate new hair growth to replace shredded hair. Losing hair is a normal part of the natural cycle, but only as long as hair continues to grow well.

There are four stages to hair growth: anagen, the active phase, is followed by telogen, the resting phase, before hair falls out. Healthy new hair grows in the follicle, replacing the old hair that will fall away. Regenerative hair treatments repair and revitalize hair follicles, restoring their health and productivity. The hair follicle is unique in that it can resume and reactivate normal function after shutting down. Our natural hair regrowth protocol aims to achieve this by causing the hair follicle to reawaken and go into the anagen phase, which starts the process of growing new, healthy hair. 

Our method for restoring and enhancing the density and thickness of hair follicles is all-encompassing. Most cases of baldness and thinning hair can be addressed medically without needing surgery. Our comprehensive hair loss treatments include topical medications, micro-needling, personalized regenerative therapy with PRP, and strategies to slow down hair loss. Because our method is completely customized to your unique requirements, we can assist you in enhancing the thickness, health, and appearance of your hair.

woman receiving prp hair line medical hair restoration at bayshore medical group in annapolis, maryland

Is this natural approach right for me?

We won’t guarantee a hair regeneration therapy to someone who isn't likely to benefit from it, as not everyone is a good candidate for our treatment. We will sit down with you during your free consultation evaluate the reasons and effects of your hair loss. Should you be a suitable candidate, we will create a program specifically tailored to you addressing the source of your issue.

At your free consultation the team will go over all the available natural hair regeneration therapy choices with you, discuss treatment options and how to get your healthy follicles back to hair growth. Stop from allowing your hair loss to cause you discomfort or embarrassment. PRP hair restoration is a fantastic choice for anyone experiencing hair loss or poor-quality hair growth. PRP hair restoration yields excellent outcomes for those with issues like:

  • Low hair follicle density

  • Age related hair thinning

  • Male and Female pattern baldness

  • Alopecia

  • Anagen effluvium

  • Telogen effluvium

FAQ’s about Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

1. What is the downtime?

 Zero downtime with minimal to no risk of sensitivity or rejection of treatment.

2. How often do I need treatment?

 Each protocol is patient specific but on average most patients benefit from 3 sessions, 4-6 weeks apart follow by maintenance treatment 6-12 months.

3. When will I see results?

 Hair growth is not a fast process. On average a person grows 6 inches a year. After 3 weeks people typically start to notice thickness near the treatment area, however it may take to 6-12 months for visible results.

Request Your Consultation Today!
Bayshore Medical Group offers a personalized treatment package with all natural, non- surgical solution to hair loss designed to regenerate hair follicles. Get hour confidence back now and schedule a free consultation with our medical team.

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