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What role do human cellular tissue products have in orthobiologics?

Many different types of human cellular tissue products live inside the human body. These cells have the unique ability to self-replicate. They divide to create new cells, and then the new cells develop into a variety of different tissues, depending on what your body needs to replace and repair damaged tissues.

Medical professionals can harvest human cellular tissue products from umbilical cord tissues that were willingly donated by the mother after the birth of a healthy baby. Human cellular tissue products develop into musculoskeletal tissues such as ligaments, tendons, muscles, and cartilage.

After your medical professional at Bayshore Medical Group injects the human cellular tissue products, they do their normal job of self-replicating to repair your damaged tissues.

What conditions might benefit from orthobiologics?

Nearly every type of musculoskeletal condition could benefit from orthobiologics. The team at Bayshore Medical Group often uses PRP and/or human cellular tissue product injections for joint pain, arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, rotator cuff tears, and many other sports injuries.

Orthobiologics is also a good option to consider if you injure tissues that have a poor blood supply or your injury is extensive or severe.

What should I expect during orthobiologic injections?

There are two keys to successful human cellular tissue product injections. First, the injection needs to contain a concentrated amount of cells to ensure optimal results.

The second factor is using ultrasound imaging to guide the needle’s placement. With real-time imaging, your provider can see the needle and make sure the injection is deposited precisely at the injured tissues.

To learn if you’re a good candidate for regenerative medicine, call Bayshore Medical Group or fill out our form online.

Human cellular tissue product injections

Human cellular tissue products self-replicate, splitting in half to produce new cells. Then the new cells develop into the tissues needed to support the repair of your joint, including ligaments, tendons, muscles, and cartilage

Your joint injection may contain PRP, human cellular tissue products, or both, depending on the underlying problem. As they promote healing, your pain lessens.

The medical team at Bayshore Medical Group often injects PRP and/or human cellular tissue products for patients with arthritis. However, this type of injection may trigger healing and diminish pain caused by any type of joint injury.

What should I expect during a joint pain injection? 

You may need to stop taking certain medications; otherwise, there’s little preparation for a joint injection. Before your procedure, your provider administers a topical anesthetic so your injection won’t cause pain.

If the injection targets your hip, knee, or joints in your foot, you may need to avoid placing excessive weight on that leg for several days. However, you’ll receive detailed care instructions after your procedure is finished.

If you struggle with joint pain, call Bayshore Medical Group or fill out our form to schedule an appointment.

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